Renting a car is an action that can improve any trip, whether is work associated, a vacation, or a road trip. Instead of depending on public transportation services, you can opt for renting a car that will save you time and comfort by taking you to the shopping mall, conference place, or the closest mountain resort anytime you want. For optimizing your cost and avoiding any possible displeasure during your rental experience, here are 3 tips you should look about:

The size of the car

Take into consideration the number of people you will transport during your trip. If you are taking lost of family members with you, it might be a good idea to choose a bigger vehicle with enough seats for everyone. Also, keep an eye on the cars luggage space, as everyone’s cases have to fit in the trunk you don’t want your fashionista aunt may surprise you with a dozen of trollers taken with her. If you are planning to go hiking, skiing, or practicing any extreme sport(hyperlink), you also may need extra space. A good option we recommend for a situation like that is the Volkswagen Multivan 2.1, a comfortable and modern equipped van that suits all the needs.  Keep in mind: the middle place of most of the car’s rear set may not be comfortable for any passenger, so make sure you checked on that! However, is not the case of the Volkswagen Minivan 🙂

 On the other hand, a two-seater or any small convertible is great for working trips or any journey you are taking alone. 

Fuel consumption

All rental car companies require that the client has to refuel before returning the car. In that sense, try to go as economically as you can. Keep in mind 2 basic rules: benzine consume more than diesel and bigger cars consume more than smaller cars. Also, engines tend to consume more as they grow in power (horsepower). A very reliable option our company offer is the Volkswagen Multivan 6., with consumption between 6.9-7.2l/100km, a very good performance for its engine.

Where are you going

You may want a different car for going on a mountain road trip in Bucovina than for flying over the city for a working voyage. For instance, if you have to move a lot within the city or region, you may want to choose a car with small consumption. On the same note, if you will need to park the car a lot, a good option would be a small-sized car rather than a big one.  Look for car characteristics of cars that fit your needs!

Don”t worry, we got options for anybody. When going to a working trip, for instance, you may want to opt for a cool convertible that will place you in a position of power for a good price, like this BMW 5 Series we offer. A good option for road-tripping in class is this cozy Range Rover Sport, which will take you safely on any road possible.

Renting a car is a decision that can improve any voyage, no matter the type of it. Use this guide to properly choose a car for enjoying your stay at maximum!

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